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Test object: foodstuff and other nonmetal grain sample, such as rice, wheat, maize, so
bean and rapeseed.

Test range: 3 — 35%

Repeat error: equal or less than 0.2%

Test error: equal or less than 0.5% ( mainly moisture range)

Test time: equal or less than 10s

Sample: weight 150 gram ( excluding the special sample)

Power supply: four # 5 dry battery or DC Adaptor

Automation switch off: the instrument will be switched off automatically if there is operation within 3 minutes.

Environment temperature: 0 — 40 degree centigrade

Relative humidity: equal or less than 80%

Temperature compensation: automation

Net weight: 700 gram

Size: 180× 97× 186mm

Accessories: container and filler, cleaning brush, manual